Coronavirus cases worldwide surpass 4.4 million

WASHINGTON: More than 4.4 million people have been infected from COVID-19 globally.
Around the world, the pandemic has killed more than 301,000 people and infected over 4,527,165. About 1.6 million people have recovered. 
Canada reported 5,302 fatalities and 72,278 infections due to coronavirus. Italy has 31,106 fatalities, with 195 people succumbing to the disease in the last 24 hours.
Spain has recorded 27,104 fatalities with 184 deaths in a single day and 271,095 infections. France has reported 348 deaths in a single day, taking the tally to 27,074 deaths and 178,060 cases.
Saudi Arabia has reported 44,830 cases of coronavirus, while 273 coronavirus deaths have been reported. The United Kingdom has reported 33,186 fatalities with 494 deaths in the last 24 hours and 229,705 infections.
Kuwait has reported 82 deaths while over 11,028 people have been tested positive for the virus. Turkey reported 143,114 coronavirus cases and 3,952 fatalities.
In Belgium, 8,843 people succumbed to the disease while Brazil reported 13,240 deaths due to the coronavirus.
Mexico has reported 353 deaths in a single day, taking the tally to 4,220 deaths and 40,186 cases. Germany has reported 7,861 deaths and 174,098 infections.
Over 242,271 people have infected while 2,212 people died of the virus in Russia. Israel has reported 16,548 coronavirus cases while 264 deaths.
Meanwhile, the death toll is 6,783 in Iran as the confirmed number of cases is almost 112,725. In India, there have been 81,997 cases confirmed, 2,649 people have died and 27,969 people have recovered from the virus.

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