Commercial activities continue in 200 residential areas in Rawalpindi

ISLAMABAD: Commercial activities including the establishment of small industries and workshops continue unabated in more than 200 residential areas of Rawalpindi, increasing the woes of local residents.

The lack of town planning and enforcement by local authorities has led to the growth of commercial activities including the haphazard setting up of small industries, workshops, commercial enterprises, and other business entities in residential areas including the Rawalpindi Cantonment.

Residents are irked by the establishment of commercial activities resulting in increased commotion and pollution by regular movement of trucks and other vehicles. No action has been taken by the Rawalpindi Municipal Corporation (RMC) or the Cantonment Board.

Commercial activities continue unabated in 200 residential areas including Gowalmandi, Westridge, Dhoke Chaudhrian, Dhoke Syedian, Akalgarh, Hazara Colony, Sadiqabad, Satelite Town, Dheri, and Hasanabad.

Akalgarh resident Muhammad Nadeem said a workshop for car repairs and spare parts has been established in every alternate residence, along with scrap dealers godowns where machinery is being used throughout the day creating immense disturbance.

He said the prices of properties have reduced due to commercial activities and many people have been compelled to sell their ancestral homes at lower rates. The residents of Gowalmandi have complained that air pollution has increased in their areas due to the gases released from small industries and workshops.

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