China bans Taiwan’s top officials from entering mainland

source: online

BEIJING: China has banned Taiwan’s top officials from entering the mainland, as it vows to show no mercy for country’s independence ‘diehards’.

The Taiwan Affairs office in China had warned that the mainland would pursue criminal responsibility for Taiwan independence diehards in accordance with the law, to be effective for life. Premier Su Tseng-chang, Legislative Yuan president Yu Shyi-kun, and Foreign Minister Joseph Wu are first on the blacklist for ‘malicious attacks’ on mainland Taiwan.

Moreover, spokeswoman Zhu Fenglian said, “The politicians have tried to instigate cross-strait confrontation, maliciously attacked and slandered the mainland. severely undermining cross-strait relations”.

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She further added, “Beijing has prohibited them and their family members from entering the mainland, Hong Kong or Macau”. This statement come after Beijing’s declaration last year that it was drawing up a blacklist of ‘diehard Taiwanese separatists’ and their financial supporters.

Moreover, China had dramatically ramped up its military activities in recent years, with a record number of intruding activities into the Island’s air defense identification zone in early October.

Beijing views Taiwan as its province that split from the mainland amid the civil war that happened in 1949. It is trying to build up pressure on Taiwanese officials to rejoin the mainland.

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