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Big challenges for Taliban government

Dr. Jamil Ahmed Khan

The writer is a former ambassador, senior analyst and international affairs expert.

The Taliban’s struggle over the past 20 years bodes well for the success and on the other hand, this success presents a huge challenge to the Taliban, which is now the regime. The Taliban will have to take steps to prevent the economy from getting unstable so that the current economic instability does not lead to any hurdle. Economic stability is one of the biggest threats to the Taliban, and the terrorist groups in Afghanistan, al-Qaeda, and ISIS in Khorasan are also a major problem for the Taliban government.

As far as achievements are concerned, taking control of Panjshir province is a great achievement of the Taliban and after this victory, some processions and demonstrations have started in Afghanistan which is taking place at the behest of Ahmed Massoud who fled Tajikistan.

Demonstrations outside the Pakistani embassy in Kabul also took place at the behest of Ahmed Massoud, chanting anti-Pakistan slogans, suggesting that non-Pashtuns in Afghanistan, or loved ones of the previous government, along with RAW agents, defamed Pakistan. They are working on the agenda and their goal is to make Pakistan a scapegoat in the world.  

Iran has also leveled some serious allegations against Pakistan. Iran says that there has been external interference in Panjshir which should be investigated. In all of this, the UN Security Council will meet on September 27. The agenda is to renew the UN mission in Afghanistan and review travel restrictions on the Taliban, but given the current situation. It seems that the allegations leveled against Pakistan in the Security Council can also be covered.

India has been accusing Pakistan of providing military support to the Afghan Taliban and now India is trying to provoke the international community against Pakistan through propaganda. Iran has also accused Pakistan in its official statement. So all these things can have a negative impact on Pakistan and in this regard, Pakistan should also present its point of view to the world to eliminate the effects of negative propaganda.

Where other problems exist in Afghanistan, one of the most important is food security, as more than half of Afghanistan’s population currently needs food and other necessities. The UN Secretary-General has also appealed to the world to provide assistance to Afghanistan so that no human tragedy arises there.

It is worth mentioning here that Jack Sullivan from the United States has also hinted at providing financial support to the Taliban specially with the Taliban’s 9.5 billion frozen in the bank, if the Taliban need help from the US financial system, the World Bank, the IMF, and other financial institutions and countries, then the Taliban must fulfill the promises made in the Doha Agreement. Full compliance must be ensured and Afghan territory must not be used against any other country and the Taliban government must ensure the protection of women’s rights.

Opportunities and challenges for the Taliban are growing in the days to come, and of course, if the international community does not support the Taliban government, the Taliban will have no choice but to trade or smuggle drugs to support their economy. Other militant groups in the country will have a chance to strengthen.

For Afghanistan as well as for Pakistan, the difficulties are increasing and in such a situation there is a need for Pakistan to redefine the targets to face the challenges and deal with the difficulties. The Pakistani ambassadors, especially the permanent representatives to the United States and the United Nations, need to play a more active role.