Salman Rasheed

Salman Rasheed

The writer is a Karachi-based research analyst and political consultant.

Quaid’s Pakistan

On August 14th, we as a nation celebrated the diamond jubilee or 75th anniversary of Pakistan’s independence from the British Empire.  And today, December 25th, we’re paying homage to the founder of this country and so, this is a good

Dua of Ayub (AS)

In times of severe distress, the dua of the Prophet Ayub (AS) is a helpful one for all of us, “And ˹remember˺ when Ayub (Job) cried out to his Lord, “I have been touched with adversity, and You are the

Dua of Sulaiman (AS)

It is human nature to be happy or overjoyed over any success we achieve in life but Allah (SWT) checks what is in our hearts.  We need to balance our emotions so we don’t cross the line that will make

SC’s decision on defection

In a decisive judgment, the Supreme Court – in its decision on a presidential reference seeking interpretation of Article 63-A of the Constitution which is related to the status of defecting lawmakers – said the votes of defecting lawmakers will

Elite Capture of Pakistan’s Economy

The United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) National Human Development Report (NHDR) for Pakistan released last year in April estimates that economic privileges given to Pakistan’s elite groups, including the corporate sector, feudal landlords, the political class, and the military, comes

Maḥabba: Loving Others

One of the main qualities of Muslims is that they have a great love of Allah (SWT), Allah’s messengers and prophets, and for all Muslims who seek Allah’s (SWT) approval. The Holy Quran reinforces this in the following ayat, “Your

Easy-going and Gentle is a Believer’s Characteristic

One of the characteristics of a believer is to be gentle and easy-going rather than petty and hard. Allah (SWT) in the Holy Quran praised the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) for being gentle and calm. “It is out of Allah’s mercy

Best Forms of Dhikr in Ramadan

Every moment during the blessed month of Ramadan is an opportunity to do Dhikr or remembrance of Allah (SWT). We should busy our tongues and hearts during this month with the best forms of remembrance of Allah (SWT). What are

Learning from Noah’s Loss

Allah (SWT) tested Nuh (AS) or Noah with a son whose pride was taller than the mountains. Also, Allah (SWT) directed Noah (AS) to warn his people to maintain the truth or else He (SWT) would take away the things

3 lessons about Ramadan

There are many lessons that we can draw from the various ayahs of the Holy Quran about Ramadan.  But let’s focus on three of them so that we can properly position ourselves for this holy month. First, we learn that

Letting Go of the Ego

As Muslims, all of us need to have good ikhlaq or character 24/7, not just during the holy month of Ramadan. One aspect of good character is saying “sorry” albeit when we might not be wrong so that we can

Lessons from Khidr’s journey with Musa (AS)

One day, Musa (AS) delivered an impressive and moving sermon leading to someone in the congregation asking Musa (AS) if he (AS) was the most knowledgeable person on earth. Musa (AS) replied in the affirmative resulting in Angel Jibril admonishing

Importance of Bait ul-Maqdas

Muslims around the world commemorate the 27th of Rajab as the Al-Isra wa Mir’aj, the night journey (Al-Isra) made by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) on Al-Buraq, the stead of the Angel Gabriel, from the Masjid ul Haram in Makkah to

American Hypocrisy on Ukraine Crisis

First, I want to clarify that I don’t support any sovereign state invading another sovereign state, contrary to international law and norms.  But the hypocrisy of the West led by the United States of America is amazing about the Ukraine

Islam dignifies honest work

Allah (SWT) commands us in the Holy Quran not to ridicule each other regardless of what basis, “O believers! Do not let some ˹men˺ ridicule others, they may be better than them, nor let ˹some˺ women ridicule other women, they

Giving Charity is Wealth

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) warned us that every nation undergoes a fitnah or trial and the trial for the Muslim nation is wealth, “Verily, there is a Fitnah (trial) for every nation and the trial for my nation (or

Dealing with Anxiety and Grief

Allah (SWT) tells us in the Holy Quran that He (SWT) created humans to be engaged in endless struggle, “Indeed, We have created humankind in ˹constant˺ struggle.” (Surah Al-Balad Ayat 4). Never being satisfied and always struggling for something else

Asking Questions strengthens Faith

In the Islamic context, asking questions was one of the ways Allah (SWT) transmitted knowledge to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and those asking these questions from him (SAW).  And thus, we will find regularly in the Holy Quran the word

Lessons from Zulqarnain

The story of Zulqarnain appears in Surah Al-Kahf from the Holy Quran and conjures many curiosities about this person and his identity. Leaving the conjecture about Zulqarnain’s identity aside, his story offers several lessons/values that are pertinent to our lives.

Adversity brings out the best in us

Asiya (AS) the wife of Pharaoh is one of the excellent examples of how adversity brings out the best in people. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) mentions four women who had perfect faith or iman, Maryam (AA) mother of Jesus

‘Precision’ Airstrikes – A Misnomer

A recent investigative report by New York Times journalist Azmat Khan exposes the fallacies of the U.S. Government and Pentagon regarding the accuracy of airstrikes conducted in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan since 2014. The Pentagon’s “Civilian Casualty Files” (CCF) reveals

Lessons from the life of Jesus (AS)

Issa ibn Maryam (AS) or Jesus the son of Mary was an important and great Prophet of Allah (SWT).  He (AS) conveyed the same message to mankind as the other Prophets.  Allah (SWT) mentions in Surah Al-Ma’idah that He (SWT)

Significance of Surah Al-Kawthar in Seerah

Surah Al-Kawthar is the 108th and shortest chapter of the Holy Quran containing only 3 ayahs.  Muslims are very familiar with this surah as it is likely the most recited surahs from the Quran when performing salah due to its

Pakistan and Food Insecurity

The level of food security is worsening in Pakistan according to both the Global Hunger Index (GHI) 2021 and World Food Program.  As per the Global Hunger Index for 2021, Pakistan ranks 92nd out of the 116 countries with a

Islam and Environment

Nowadays, the environment is a hot-button issue as the entire globe is lately experiencing abnormal weather patterns due to global warming.  Also, other environmental issues of concern include air and water pollution, destruction of the ozone layer, and waste management. 

Islam and Sickness

When afflicted with an illness, we usually become distressed but we don’t realize that from an Islamic perspective, sickness is a powerful blessing that can expiate the sins that we commit.  Allah (SWT) tells us the following in the Holy

US hypocrisy on Fall of Kabul

A group of 22 Republican Party Senators tabled a bill a few months back named the “Afghanistan Counterterrorism, Oversight, and Accountability Act.” The proposed legislation calls for a comprehensive report on who supported the Taliban during America’s 20 years in

Reasons Allah (SWT) Promises Victory

Just from the Holy Quran alone, Allah (SWT) promises us victory for three specific reasons.  Allah (SWT) mentions in Surah An-Noor the first reason He (SWT) promises us His victory and help, “Allah has promised those among you who believe,

Does GDP mean anything?

According to the field of economics, gross domestic product or GDP is one of the ultimate performance measures to gauge a country’s prosperity.  Gross domestic product (GDP) is the monetary value of all finished goods and services made within a

Reviving a Dying Heart

In spiritual terms, a person can revive their dying heart by displaying courage. Therefore, we must ask ourselves when have we ever shown courage in our lives. Do we have the courage to be successful or do what others aren’t