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Air Force Day being observed with patriotic zeal today

Air Force Day is celebrated on September 7. Source: APP/FILE.

ISLAMABAD: Air Force Day is being observed with patriotic zeal today on Tuesday to commemorate the valour of the defenders of the air space against Indian aggression in September 1965 war.

Every year on September 7, Air Force Day is celebrated across the country after the annual Defence Day celebrations. The day pays tribute to valiant pilots who annihilated and inflicted a humiliating defeat on India through unprecedented skill in warfare and insurmountable courage.

Public and private organizations, educational institutions and the armed forces will hold ceremonies to pay homage to the martyrs of Indo-Pak 1965 war in connection with Air Force Day. Special prayers were offered for the solidarity, integrity and independence of the motherland in all the mosques after Fajr prayers.

Special wreath-laying ceremonies will be held at the graves of the September 1965 war heroes while the city roads have already been bedecked with banners and streamers showing solidarity with the armed forces and acknowledging the great feat of brave soldiers who defended the sacred frontiers of their country with exemplary mettle.

On this day, the Indian Air Force launched a clandestine attack on Lahore at Burki border with the dream of a sumptuous breakfast at Gymkhana Lahore in the morning but had failed miserably after valiant resistance by proud sons of the soil such as Major Raja Aziz Bhatti. 

A notable event of the war was that Pakistan Air Force flying ace Muhammad Mahmood Alam shot down five Indian Air Force Hawker Hunter Mk56 fighters in less than a minute, four being in first 30 seconds and became one of the few aviators who became ace in a day and the only jet age ace-in-a-day. He was awarded the Sitara-e-Jurat for his actions.

Air Force Day also raised the status of the PAF in the comity of nations as a great air force with impeccable skills and dexterity. The Pakistan Air Force gained a lot of credibility among international war writers for the successful defence of Lahore and other important areas of Pakistan and heavy retaliation to India.