A bitter truth

Albert Arooj Bhatti

Pakistan is currently witnessing political turmoil, along with the rising number of COVID-19 infections. After recovering from the coronavirus, mood of our beloved captain, Imran Khan, also changed and paved the way for a ‘so-called’ revolution. He first runs out Nadeem Babar from the post of special assistant and later clean bowled Hafeez Shaikh from the finance ministry.

Shabbar Zaidi, an expert in tax evasion, thinks from the captain’s u-turners that his turn may come again like the second innings of a Test match. And in the meantime, he has once again adopted a flattering tone and on the departure of Hafeez Shaikh, in his tweet, he congratulated Prime Minister Imran Khan on catching the real dacoits, traders and mafia of Pakistan.  

“I had been constantly saying that these people are the real cause of increased price. Informal banking, cash economy, wrong fatwas on Riba, corruption money, the causes of high prices of food,” Shabbar said in the Tweet. Now, it’s difficult to understand what message Shabbar is giving to whom.

Our beloved captain struggled for almost 22 years and issued many such statements that he doesn’t follow now. He once said, “If there is inflation, the Prime Minister is responsible for it.” My captain was very keen on austerity and rule of law, but when he was made Prime Minister, he broke all the traditions of the previous rulers and formed a bigger cabinet than them.

My captain has always been an aggressive player. The journey that started with the decision to give a chance to India’s Srikkanth is still going on. Waqar Younis was lucky that he got Srikkanth’s wicket again. However, it is a different matter that Waqar played a vital role in the destruction of the Pakistan cricket team. In the same way, my captain is trying to bring back Jahangir Tareen, who grew up in Pervez Musharraf’s nursery, once again to eradicate Sugar in the country.

My captain always gives chances to others. Imran Khan used to say that Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) was a terrorist group but later he gave them a chance to get on the right path and they succeeded. The captain also called Parvez Elahi the biggest dacoit of Punjab, but he was later made the provincial assembly speaker.

My captain’s decisions always startle others. Credit should be given to my captain that he included all the opponents in his political team. We admit that captain’s own opener Asad Umar failed miserably, but he also included Sheikh Rashid, who was once declared ineligible for office boy, in his team. Rashid also didn’t disappoint and set a new record for train accidents during his tenure.

Removing Jahangir Tareen, Khusro Bakhtiar, Firdous Ashiq Awan, Amir Kayani, Fawad Chaudhry from the ministries on charges of poor performance and corruption was also my captain’s feat. It is a different matter that they will be given another chance in future.

Otherwise, if such obvious crimes had taken place in another country, they might have been hanged, but it is my captain’s job to give people a chance to improve. My captain has given a new direction to politics. Instead of wasting the nation’s time and money by arresting the perpetrators of corruption, just remove them from the ministry and hand over a new ministry again. It is true, but a matter of shame.