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Tuesday 28th November 2023 / 15 Jamadilawal 1445

Hollywood set to make comeback as cinemas reopen

LOS ANGELES: Hollywood is planning to head back to the big screen as cinemas will be reopened after more than three months due to the coronavirus crises.
Following the reopening of theatre, Russell Crowe’s road rage thriller ‘Unhinged’ will be released on 10th July, It is set to be the first wide release since US theaters shut their doors in mid-March.
Christopher Nolan’s much-hyped ‘Tenet’ will follow soon after. While top theater chains across the country plan to reopen their projectors in the first half of July, screens in badly-hit New York and Los Angeles do not yet have permission to reopen.
Even with social distancing and sanitation measures boosted, moviegoers’ enthusiasm for piling into a dark, enclosed auditorium amid a possible ‘second wave’ of virus cases may vary.
“Hollywood is not a place where competitors are known for wishing each other well very often,” said ‘Unhinged’ producer Mark Gill. “And in this particular circumstance, everybody is hoping we do well,” he added.
Gill’s movie opposed the industry trend, shifting its release date forward from September, as larger studios gobbled up all the prime opening slots deeper into 2020.
The COVID-19 brought economic activities film and TV productions to a halt as the government announced a nationwide lockdown. Several movies were delayed due to the pandemic, with filmmakers postponing the release of their films.
The global death toll of COVID-19 surpasses 466,000, the spread of the virus continues to accelerate in parts of the world. Around the world, the coronavirus epidemic has killed more than 466,848 people and infected over 8,921,385.

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