15 Amazing Facts About The Human Body

Did you know fingernails do not actually grow after you are dead? This was a long-held myth that has been buried. Fingernails, toenails, and hair don’t keep growing after death but appear longer as the skin around them dries and recedes.
Nevertheless, the human body is an amazing piece of machinery with a few weird characteristics. For example, humans are the only species known to blush.
Read more amazing facts about the human body mentioned below:
1) Your nose can master 50,000 different scents.
2) Humans shed about 600,000 particles of skin every hour per day.
3) A human baby has over 60 more bones than a grown-up.
4) We all have tiny mites living in our eyelashes.
5) Everyone has a unique ‘Tongue Print’.
6) If the human eye was a digital camera it would have 576 megapixels.
7) Your heartbeat changes and mimics the music you listen to.
8) There are more bacteria in your mouth than there are people in the world.
9) The human heart is not on the left-hand side of the body; it’s in the middle.
10) Your taste buds are replaced every 10 days.
11) There is no scientific evidence that shaving will make your hair come back thicker.
12) If your stomach acid got onto your skin it would burn a hole in it.
13) Eating too much meat can accelerate your body’s biological age.
14) You can burn 20 percent more fat by exercising in the morning on an empty stomach.
15) Eating garlic improves your body odor.
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