Worldwide coronavirus cases cross 91 million

WASHINGTON: The global coronavirus has infected more than 91,319,487 million people worldwide and caused 1952,932 deaths.

More than 648.13 million patients of coronavirus have been cured in the world and more than 239.34 million are undergoing treatment. India ranks second in the world in terms of coronavirus cases, with 151,364 deaths and more than 14.79 million people diagnosed with the virus.

The total number of deaths from coronavirus in Brazil is 203,617 and more than 8,133,833 people are affected.  More than 3.4 million people in Russia have been infected with the coronavirus, bringing the total death toll to 62,273.

In France, more than 2.786 million people were affected and 68,060 lost their lives. In Turkey, 2,363,476 people have been affected and 22,981 have died. In Italy, more than 2.289 million people have been affected, while 79,203 people have died.

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The United States, India, Brazil, Russia, and the United Kingdom were the hardest hit, with France at number six, Turkey at number seven, Italy at number eight, Spain at number nine, and Germany at number ten.

Earlier, 2,408 new cases of the coronavirus were reported in Pakistan while 41 more civilians lost their lives in the last 24 hours due to the virus. According to official figures, a total of 56,701 people were affected by coronavirus across the country, while 10,717 people died.