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Who was Shari Baloch and why did she attack Karachi University?


The extremist organization Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing at Karachi University, claiming that the attack was carried out by a female suicide bomber and this is the first time that a woman has carried out such an act on behalf of the organization.

BLA claim

According to a statement issued by the banned Baloch Liberation Army, the suicide bomber who targeted Chinese nationals was identified as Shari Baloch. She was also associated with the education department in the Turbat district of Balochistan and was working as a teacher in Government Girls Middle School, Kalat.

Shari Baloch’s qualification

Since the incident, there is a debate on social media after photos and details of the female bomber surfaced, with some users claiming that how the M.Sc. who is a mother of beautiful children can commit suicide like this.

The female suicide bomber was identified as Shari Baloch and her husband Dr. Habitan Bashir Baloch is a dentist. Shari Baloch was a mother of two whose ages are about five years old.

Family background

According to Shari Baloch’s relatives and locals, other members of his family hold various government posts, including her father and brother.

It is to be noted that a female attacker has been officially identified in the suicide attack at Karachi University, however, the name of Shari Baloch has not been mentioned in the investigation so far by the security agencies.

Perspective of social media users  

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