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‘WhatsApp’ to become non-functional for many users by May 15

Famous messaging app ‘WhatsApp’ will become non-functional by 15th May for those users who have not updated the terms and conditions of the app.

Following the update, after 15th May, many users who did not accept the terms and conditions of Whatsapp would not be able to either send or receive messages on the app. Whatsapp will have their accounts listed as “inactive”. Accounts that are listed as inactive can be deleted after 120 days.

As per the tech website, the app will continue to allow the user to avail of the call and notifications functions for a short period of time after the deadline passes, which is probably “a few weeks”.

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Last month, WhatsApp caused panic by sharing alarming updates on its app, according to which user data can be shared with Facebook. Thousands across the globe switched to other substitute mobile apps such as Telegram and Signal.

However, WhatsApp later clarified that it cannot read or listen to a user’s chat and that the update was aimed to enable payments to other businesses.   However, these privacy laws vary from country-to-country. For instance, the same laws are not applicable in Europe or the UK.