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US Space Force launches first mission despite coronavirus outbreak

Space Force launches
United States: Despite the coronavirus outbreak grip the country the United States Space Force launched its first national security mission by sending an ultra-secure military communication satellite into orbit.
The Lockheed Martin Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) satellite was sent from Cape Canaveral in Florida at (2018 GMT) aboard an Atlas V551 rocket.
AEHF-6, as the satellite is called, is the sixth and final in the Lockheed Martin AEHF collection. The newly satellite will join the other five, which were launched between 2010 and 2019, on Friday around 0400 GMT after reaching geostationary orbit.
According to Lockheed Martin the satellite assemblage gives superior common as a survivable line of communications to military forces in all stages of conflict, including nuclear war, it said.
It further said the satellite has a low probability of interception, encryption, and uncovering command, and it is jammer-resistant and competent to infiltrate the electro-magnetic intervention conduced by nuclear armaments
US announced the formation of the new Space Force military arm in December. President Donald Trump tremed it  space the world’s latest war fighting specialty.
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