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US military launches retaliatory airstrike against militia group in Iraq

BAGHDAD: The United States and coalition forces have launched an airstrike in retaliation against a pro-Iranian militia group in Iraq.

According to the US defence department, the action was taken after two of its soldiers were killed in a rocket attack by the militia group in Iraq. The US military officials said that the strikes have embattled five weapons storage facilities across the country.

Earlier, on Wednesday a rocket attack took place on the Camp Taji military base. As a result, killed two Americans and British soldiers were killed.

According to the news reports, the US commander claims the rockets were expected to have fired by an Iranian-backed militia group.

Central Command Chief Gen Kenneth McKenzie told the Senate committee, The Iranian substitute group Kataib Hezbollah is the only group known to have previously conducted an indirect fire attack of this scale against US troops and coalition forces in Iraq.

Iraqi journalist Ali Al Dulaimy, who filmed the attack from the nearby town of Baji, said he heard screams of panic from American troops inside the camp, and that he saw them rushing to put out fires.




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