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UAE suspends visa operation for Pakistan amid coronavirus fears

United Arab Emirates (UAE) today (Monday) has suspended issuance of visas to Pakistani citizens for an indefinite period amid coronavirus fears.
In this regard, embassy of the UAE in Islamabad has also issued a statement and announced the suspension of issuance of visa till the next orders.
According to the authorities, visas will be issued only to those holding diplomatic passports. The mission will not issue visa on general Pakistani passport, statement added.
On the other hand, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Pakistan has also issued advisory for passengers and announced that the travelers will be stopped outside the airports for screening.
The CAA further stated that passengers will not be allowed to gather at one place while only one person will be permitted to pick and drop the people.  
Coronavirus has spread in almost 110 countries and has claimed lives more than 6,500 globally. SO far, Pakistan has confirmed 94 cases of coronavirus and no death has been reported yet.
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