Two youngsters accidentally die while filming TikTok video


SHEIKHUPURA: In yet another shocking incident, two youngsters died filming TikTok videos on their cell phones by slipping and falling into Bhikki Canal near Sheikhupura.

Identified as 17-year-old Zeeshan and 20-year old Sajid, who were friends, were filming TikTok videos on their cell phones on Faisalabad Road, they slipped and fell into Bhikki Canal.

Both were residents of Raiwind, Lahore. The body of one of the victims was recovered by the rescuers and shifted to a nearby hospital. This is not the first time youngsters have met with fatal accidents in Pakistan while making the Chinese video-sharing app videos.

An incident was reported in the Gulshan-e-Maymar area of Karachi, where a security guard named Ghulam Shabbir shot himself dead while pointing a rifle at his chest. Police seized the rifle after the incident and started further investigation. A security guard who made the video of the deceased’s accomplice was also detained during the preliminary investigation.

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According to the detainee guard, the weapon fired was not working, it was jammed. However, during the video videos, the weapon suddenly became functional.


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