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Trump congratulates female astronaut for breaking world record

Trump congratulates female astronaut for breaking world record
WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump on Thursday has congratulated female astronaut on breaking the world record and said, ” I welcome Christina Koch to Earth.”
In his message on social networking website Twitter, US President Donald Trump said astronaut Christina Koch was the highest female astronaut in space. She raised America’s head proudly.

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President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter, “Welcome back to Earth, Christina Koch, and congratulations on breaking the female record for the longest stay in space! You’re inspiring young women and making the USA proud! I enjoyed speaking with you and Jessica Meir on the first all-female spacewalk IN HISTORY last year.


Earlier on Tuesday, U.S. astronaut Christina Koch was expected to return to Earth, having broken the space flight record for female astronauts after spending nearly a year at the International Space Station.

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The 41-year-old Michigan research engineer broke the previous record set by a woman for a single spaceflight 289 days, recorded by NASA veteran Peggy Whitson on December 28, 2019.
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