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Trailer of Netflix’s ‘Britney vs Spears’ highlights singer’s conservatorship

Britney Spears’ lawyer told a judge on Wednesday that he expects that her conservatorship will be terminated “completely and inevitably” this fall (TWITTER)

The first trailer of Pop superstar Britney Spears’s Netflix documentary titled ‘Britney vs Spears’ has been released.

In this documentary, ‘Britney vs Spears’ Director Erin Lee Carr has explored the legal battle over the pop star’s mental health, autonomy, and the controversial conservatorship overseen by her father. A one-minute trailer opens with Spears’s recorded voice: “I just want my life back.”

The trailer also reveals that Carr was leaked a confidential memo on Spears’s condition during filming. “I’ve worked all my life,” Spears says in the trailer. “I don’t owe these people anything.”

The trailer drops a day after Netflix confirmed the rumored movie with an 18-second teaser featuring a voicemail left by Spears to a lawyer at 12.29 am on 21 Jan 2009. “Hi, my name is Britney Spears,” she is heard saying. “I called you earlier. I’m calling again because I just wanted to make sure that during the process of eliminating the conservatorship …”

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According to a press release, the film, which will be released on 28 September, and will highlight the explosive story of Britney’s life and her public and private search for freedom featuring years-long investigative work, exclusive interviews, and new documents that trace the singer’s trajectory from girl next door to a woman trapped by fame and family and her own legal status. 

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