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This talented singer is waiting for the proper platform to show his skills

ISLAMABAD: A multi-talented singer, Haq Nawaz, from Sahiwal is waiting for a proper platform to show his singing skills.

Haq Nawaz has captivated the audience by awakening the magic of his melodious voice like the famous singers Mohammad Rafi and Kishore Kumar. Currently, Haq Nawaz is entertaining people in F-9 Park Islamabad and receives praise.

In an exclusive interview with MM News, Haq Nawaz said “We are 12 siblings and belongs to Sahiwal district of Punjab.”

He said, “I came to Islamabad during my childhood, I did not get an education, it was difficult to pay school fees due to poverty. So, I started working in Islamabad and also singing at the same time,” Haq Nawaz added.

To feed his family, the young talented man said that he washes cars in two houses, from where he gets Rs 6,000 to Rs 8,000 a month. In addition, he sings in the park every Saturday and Sunday, where he earned some income. He has three little daughters and a rented house and he is having a hard time.

Haq Nawaz further said he had also given interviews to various TV channels however, “I have not been accepted yet. I am thankful to Allah Almighty that He has given me a good voice.” He added. The talented man said that he can sing like the famous singers Mohammad Rafi and Kishore Kumar.

Haq Nawaz said that he want to brighten the name of Pakistan, adding that there are such several artists no longer among us.

“I sing Indian songs that I like, I want to sing Pakistani songs so that my voice would brighten my country’s name,” he wished.

He said, “I am hopeful from Allah Almighty that I will definitely get a chance to show the essence of my art in a good place. I don’t have a good platform and job, people from the music industry should contact me so that I can highlight my art,” he appealed.