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The story of Jahangir Tareen

Zubair Hussain

The writer is a political analyst.

The greatest factious role that Jedi Knights and Knights Templar ever played didn’t exist in the real world but those imagery characters are always been in history and even in the present era as well, to understand how they exist in reality we need to have comparison of Jedi Knights and Knights Templar with Jahangir Khan Tareen as there are striking similarities between the fictional Jedis of Star Wars and the legendary Knights Templar with JKT.

The Templars and the Jedis were sworn to protect innocent, they had a mission either to settle dispute between two groups or to have a peaceful holy land for their people, when it comes to JKT the political party he is affiliated with officially aims to create an Islamic welfare state and to dismantle religious discrimination in Pakistan.

The party terms itself an anti-status quo movement advocating egalitarian Islamic democracy. Jahangir Khan Tareen always played the role of medium to solve disputes between political parties. The Templars and Jedis’ faith in their mission often led to their deaths, Tareen’s faith in the PTI is to led political martyrs.

The Templars and the Jedis quickly gained a reputation as some of the most highly skilled and a fearsome warrior, same with JKT is he was the PTI’s political organiser, planner, handler, minder, fixer, and troubleshooter all rolled into one. He was also Imran Khan’s confidante, adviser, and whisperer on matters that went beyond the mandate of his party designation. Imran Khan-led the party, but JKT ran it. Templars and Jedis were warriors because of their physical and mental power but JKT is a warrior with his financial and intellect power.

Since Templars and Jedis’ mission was to be heroes to acquire a holy land and to resolve the dispute at the same time Templars and Jedis weren’t all good guys. The Templar sergeant who was expelled from the order for extorting money from ship passengers fleeing the siege of Acre and went on to become notorious pirates and the main villain of the Star Wars saga, Vader is ultimately redeemed in Return of the Jedi.

The saying that one man’s hero is another man’s villain was perhaps meant for Jahangir Khan Tareen. For the opposition and forces against the PTI, Tareen is a villain going around ‘buying’ the loyalties of legislators. For his own party, Tareen is a hero who, despite being disqualified for life by the Supreme Court, still works round-the-clock to fulfill Imran Khan’s mission.

As per recent political development about JKT, people have the perception that PTI lost its backbone but legend knows it’s just a political shift to achieve some targets in future. Javed Hashmi is one of the living examples when he joined PTI, common man’s thoughts were “he betrayed Mian Sb”, but now picture is quite clear that he was planted.

The famous Turkish drama series Ertugrul has also proven that when it comes to elections two brothers can pertain to be apart just to expose someone and to achieve the targets, when it was elections for the tribe leadership in Ertugrul series the elder son of Suleman Shah “Gundogdu” was pertaining to contest election against father but when it was judgment day in the tribe he expressed that leadership should remain in the hand of Suleman Shah, actually it was plan of Ertugrul & Gundogdu to expose their uncle “Kurdoglu”.

JKT is not only Jahangir Khan Tareen he is the main character of the political story of PTI like “Gundogdu”, but he is also nowadays on missions like Jedi and Knights Templar.

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