Online exams

Many students in universities and educational institutes have been protesting against conducting on-campus physical examinations as the nation is still grappling with the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. The students have instead been demanding holding online examinations just like

Educational institutions being reopened after six months

ISLAMABAD: Thousands of educational institutions including universities, colleges and schools across the country are being reopened on Tuesday, ending a six month long closure due to COVID-19 pandemic. According to an announcement by the Education Ministry, all higher education institutions

Concerns of university students amid coronavirus

The government has decided to close all educational institutes including schools, colleges and universities across the country until July 15. All examinations have been annulled for this year and students will be promoted based on the results of the previous

Reviving student unions

General Zia’s dictatorship imposed a ban on student unions in all universities and colleges in 1984, strongly affecting the development of campuses and the personal growth of students.  The ban has continued ever since, but now gradual efforts are being