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PIA, PSM needs attention

Pakistan International Airline and Pakistan Steel Mills, being vital national assets, now need urgent and focused attention. While production minister Hammad Azhar recently stated that Since the PSM had become a liability on the exchequer, it has to be privatized

PSM production unit closed since sixty months

KARACHI: The Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM), the nation’s largest steel-producing entity with an annual production of over 1.1 million tonnes, has been completely shut since the past sixty months since 2015 with zero production. The national asset is the largest

Privatization process

The PTI government will restart the privatization process by selling six public entities, including the Pakistan Steel Mills, to make them more profitable and receive some much-needed revenue. According to the latest programme, the government will privatize six loss-making public

Steel Mills: NAB to investigate Khursheed Shah in another case

ISLAMABAD: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has started investigating another case against Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Khursheed Shah regarding steel mills. According to the details, the NAB has officially requested the Establishment Division to provide the record regarding the

Revival of Pakistan Steel Mills top priority of govt, says PM

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday said the government is making every possible effort to revive the Pakistan Steel Mills and making it a profitable organisation. While chairing a meeting regarding revival of Pakistan Steel Mills, the prime minister