YouTube to launch $100mn creator fund for ‘Shorts’ video feature

SAN FRANCISCO: YouTube announced a $100 million fund to pay content creators who make hit videos on its new short-form video feature Shorts, as it aims to court more influencers. The fund will launch in the coming months and pay

YouTube Shorts launched in US to rival TikTok

SAN FRANCISCO: YouTube is rolling out a short-form video-streaming service on its platform in the United States as it looks to better compete with rival TikTok. The service, Shorts, lets users record mobile-friendly vertical videos that can be spiced up

YouTube to launch TikTok-like product

SAN FRANCISCO: YouTube is rolling out its version of social media rival TikTok, a new short-form video service called Shorts, enabled within its video-sharing platform. YouTube will first test the feature in India over the next few days and then