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India-Pakistan row

A new diplomatic row has erupted between Indian and Pakistan. Amid the deteriorating conditions, India has now called on Pakistan to reduce its staff at the New Delhi embassy by half. Pakistan has rejected the decision and has asked India

Coronavirus death row reaches 1008 in China

BEIJING: The number of casualties from China’s new coronavirus outbreak reached to 1008 on Monday after 106 new deaths were confirmed in the hard-hit Hubei province. In China, there are now more than 39,900 reported cases based on government estimates

Coronavirus death toll reaches 565 in China, fear hits worldwide

BEIJING: The death toll in a new coronavirus outbreak in China has risen to 565, infecting more than 28,211 people, and creating global concerns over the epidemic. Most of the traumatic events of the deadly virus occurred in the Hubei

Chinese premier visits epicenter of virus as death toll reaches 80

WUHAN: Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visited Wuhan on Monday, the epicenter of a new coronavirus epidemic that killed 80 people and affected more than 2,700 people, as Beijing tried to communicate how strongly it intends to react to the crisis.