PM approves 54-year lease for residents of Pakistan Quarters in Karachi

KARACHI: The federal government has decided to renew the 54-year lease for the residents of Pakistan Quarters in Karachi. Prime Minister Imran Khan has issued directives for the lease orders at the request of Sindh Assembly member Jamal Siddiqui.  The

Islamabad’s Sector H-13 residents protest against lack of facilities

ISLAMABAD: The residents of Sector H-13 and Union Council no. 45 have staged a protest on the Kashmir Highway against the lack of basic facilities in their area. According to the residents, the area lacks basic civic amenities such as

Chitral residents booked for interfering in markhor hunting

PESHAWAR: A case has been registered against three people in Chitral after they fired aerial shots to make a markhor flee during a hunt. A US hunter had paid $150,000 for a permit to shoot the rare animal. He was