Noor Bukhari shares ‘scary’ story of being stalked by a woman

Pakistani former actress Noor Bukhari has requested her followers not to scare her by stalking her in some way. The former actress took to Instagram’s story and shared how she felt scared after encountering a recent event with a lady

Noor Bukhari reveals reason behind not hosting Ramadan transmissions this year

Pakistani former actress Noor Bukhari has revealed the reason behind turning down an offer of hosting the Ramadan transmissions this year. Earlier, Noor Bukhari held a question and answer session on Instagram. One of the fans asked the former actress

Noor Bukhari and Zoya Nasir get into Instagram feud

LAHORE: Pakistani actress Zoya Nasir and actress Noor Bukhari have recently gotten into a nasty banter on Instagram. It all started Noor Bukhari posted a story on her Instagram where she criticised a bride wearing a short shirt on her

Are Bushra Bibi and actress Noor friends?

Actress Noor Bukhari has just revealed her relationship with Bushra Bibi, wife of Prime Minter Imran Khan. This happened in a recent session on Instagram when one of the followers asked the former actress about her relation to Prime Minister

I want my children to respect every religion: Actress Noor

Pakistani former actress Noor Bukhari has revealed that she wants her children to respect all religions. While sharing a video and photo on her Instagram story regarding Christmas, Noor Bukhari can be seen decorating a Christmas tree with children. After