Nausheen Shah

This time I will bring evidence: Yasir Hussain hits back at Nausheen Shah

The issue of Nausheen Shah attending Yasir Hussain’s wedding uninvited has once again caught attention on social media. Yasir Hussain has shared a series of stories in response to a recent statement made by Nausheen Shah related to the wedding

Nausheen Shah bashed for bad-mouthing her own country

Actress Nausheen Shah is being bashed with hatred comments for bad-mouthing her country ‘Pakistan’. It all started when the actress recently posted a story on Instagram in which she ranted about the constant pressure from her mother to get married.

Why Nausheen Shah lost her chill over Aamir Liaquat?

Pakistani actress Nausheen Shah, who was recently invited to Aamir Liaqat’s Ramzan transmission apparently got angry with the controversial host. It all started when during the end of the show, Nausheen Shah was trying to give her statement on something

I didn’t invite Nausheen to my wedding: Yasir Hussain calls out uninvited guest

Actor Yasir Hussain and actress Nausheen Shah have just caught up in a fight with each other over a wedding invitation. The incident took place when Yasir Hussain made a remark during a show hosted by Vasay Chaudhry, where Hussain