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Mufti Naeem

Late Mufti Naeem’s son to lead Jamia Binoria seminary

KARACHI: Sheikh Noman Naeem, the elder son of the late Mufti Muhammad Naeem, has been chosen as the new principal of the Jamia Binoria seminary. The announcement was made at a gathering held at the seminary to pay tribute to

Prominent religious scholar Mufti Naeem passes away

KARACHI: Prominent religious scholar and Jamia Binoria International chancellor Mufti Muhammad Naeem passed away in Karachi on Saturday. According to sources, the prominent cleric was being taken to the hospital when he succumbed to his heart ailment. Mufti Naeem was

Mufti Naeem opposes treason case verdict against Musharraf

KARACHI: Islamic scholar Mufti Muhammad Naeem has opposed a special court’s detailed verdict in the high treason case against former president Pervez Musharraf. Mufti Naeem opposed the verdict which stated dragging and hanging of Musharraf’s corpse, billed the ruling as