Monkey sentenced to life imprisonment in India

NEW DELHI: A monkey who bit 250 people in Mirzapur Uttar Pradesh has been sentenced to life imprisonment in India. According to reports from Indian media, A six-year-old monkey was accused of killing one person and biting 250 people. The

Monkeys run away with COVID-19 test samples in India

MEERUT: A troop of monkeys in India has reportedly run away with COVID-19 test samples a lab technician was carrying. According to reports, the monkeys snatched the samples of the suspected COVID-19 patients from a lab technician in Meerut, a city in

When the monkey became king

Once the animal kingdom was worried about how to stop the lion from attacking their offspring. They decided that monkey should be king; he was swift, could jump from one tree to another and wasn’t a vicious animal. They all