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7 Foods That Naturally Cleanse Liver

KARACHI: The liver is the organ that filters, processes, and breaks down what passes through your body. The liver plays an important role in the body. While it largely takes care of itself, a person can help maintain liver health

8 miracles happen when you consume lemon everyday

KARACHI: Lemon along with soothing a sore throat and flushing out toxins, drinking lemon water yields several health benefits. Lemon contains many antioxidants and can boost the immune system naturally with its high levels of vitamin C, bioflavonoids, citric acid,

CM Buzdar inaugurates dialysis unit at PKLI Lahore

LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar on Friday inaugurated a new dialysis unit at the visited Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute (PKLI) Lahore. The chief minister inaugurated dialysis Unit-2 consisting of 36 dialysis machines. He said the construction of the