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Monetary policy: SBP reduces interest rate by 150 bps to 11 pct

KARACHI: State Bank of Pakistan has reduced the interest rate by 150 basis points to eleven percent to offset the adverse economic impact of the novel coronavirus. This is the second decline in policy rate within the month showing a

Economy during coronavirus

The coronavirus had dealt a massive blow to Pakistan’s economy just when it was starting to gather pace. The stock market has plummeted in recent weeks and the economy is on the brink of a recession, while there is no

Declining economy and effects of coronavirus

The coronavirus has now spread to over 150 countries around the world. There is panic even in developed countries such as the USA and Europe over the global pandemic. Along with the loss of thousands of lives so far, the

Monetary policy: SBP reduces interest rates by 75bps to 12.5 pct

KARACHI: State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) on Tuesday announced three measures to address the economic and health challenges posed by the spread of COVID-19. The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of the central bank announced the new monetary policy rate and

Monetary policy retained

The State Bank of Pakistan has maintained its main policy rate at 13.25 percent. Governor Reza Baqir announced that the anticipated monetary policy shall retain interest rate for the next two months as the central bank seeks to add stimulus