Humans are the virus

Nowadays, the world is facing its biggest challenge in terms of coronavirus. The pandemic that emerged from the Chinese city of Wuhan has now killed more than 25,000 people and has spread in every single across the world. All countries

FIA arrests international human smuggler from Gujrat

GUJRAT: On Monday, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) detained an alleged human trafficker, Rashid Hasnain Raza alias Gogi Shah, who had been wanted by agencies for his participation in numerous heinous criminal activities. Revealing information of his detention, FIA Additional

15 Mind-Blowing Facts About The Human Body

About 50,000 cells in your body just died and were replaced by new ones while you were reading this sentence. Yes, this article is all about mind-blowing facts a human being possesses. A human body is a wonderland. The more