Gold price

Gold price jumps all-time high in Pakistan

KARACHI: As the Pakistani rupee continues to make and break records and explore new depths, the gold is also scaling to new peaks each day. In line with the trend over last few sessions, the per tola (11.66 grams) gold

Gold price reaches all-time high

KARACHI: Gold rates on Monday reached an all-time high of Rs1,36,600 per tola, and PKR depreciated by Rs1.65 against the USD in the interbank. According to Sindh Sarrafa Bazar Jewellers Association, the price for one tola 24kt Gold increased by

Gold price reaches high in Pakistan amid Gulf conflicts

KARACHI: Gold prices reached an all-time high of Rs93,400/tola in Pakistan on Tuesday amid US-Iran tensions. After the killing of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad last week, Tehran and Washington are at direct odds disrupting various investment markets. According