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false flag

False flag operation

Trouble is brewing in India where thousands of farmers have been protesting since weeks for the revocation of three anti-farmer laws that they claim have hurt their livelihoods. The Modi government is facing its biggest challenge in years as the

FM Qureshi warns against false flag operation by India

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has warned the world about the threat of a purported false flag operation from India. In a statement on the occasion of International Human Rights Day, the foreign minister said basic human rights have

Pakistan Army on high alert as India plans false flag operation: Sources

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Army has been put on high alert after credible reports that India is planning a false flag operation against Pakistan in a bid to divert attention from internal policies. According to credible sources, India is preparing for

Indian military rhetoric

The army’s top brass has denounced provocative statements by the Indian military leadership regarding aggression towards Pakistan. The irresponsible statements have been termed a routine rhetoric with implications on regional peace and stability. The Corps Commanders Conference presided over by