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Rescuing Afghan peace efforts

Afghanistan was heading for a bleak future as violence returned to the war-ravaged and the peace process was in jeopardy. The Afghan Taliban signed a landmark deal with the United States to usher a new era of peace but the

Facebook makes efforts to secure website from child abuse

SAN FRANCISCO: On Thursday, over 100 child protection international organizations strongly urged Facebook to curtail plans for encryption of all its networks, to prevent child abuse on social media. Facebook is operating on extending end-to-end encryption across its messaging services including

Federal govt plans to appease its unsatisfied allies

ISLAMABAD: The federal government has planned to make yet another attempt to appease its dissatisfied coalition partners by holding a fresh round of discussions to address their serious reservations about government’s performance, unemployment, inflation and non-use of development funds. The

Japan makes diplomatic efforts to ease tensions in Gulf

ABU DHABI: Japan , Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates would work together to de-escalate the volatile situation in the Region, a Japanese foreign ministry official said Monday, parroting remarks by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The representative said