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Dua Zehra

Dua Zehra is officially a 14 year old as proven by her NADRA documentations

The reports of medical examination to determine the age of Dua Zehra has officially been released in which it has been confirmed that the alleged abducted girl is a 14 year old. The news was shared by social activist Jibran

Latest video of Dua Zehra invites criticism

Dua Zehra’s new video has triggered social media users in which she has schooled YouTubers. It all started after YouTuber Zunaira Maham took the interview of Dua Zehra in which Maham urged Dua Zehra to respond to all the people

Here’s what celebrities are saying about ‘Dua Zehra’ case

The case of Dua Zehra’s disappearance from her house has caught the whole nation by surprise as it turned out she left the home and married a guy from Lahore of her own will. Now Pakistani celebrities have come forward