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Coronavirus lockdown:

COVID-19 lockdown sharpens ability to hear Earth’s natural signals

LONDON: A study found that the coronavirus lockdown worldwide has sharpened the scientists’ ability to hear the earth’s natural signals. Vibrations travel through the earth like waves, creating seismic noise from earthquakes, volcanoes, wind, and rivers as well as human

DRF reports 189% increase in cyber-harassment complaints amid lockdown

KARACHI: The Digital Rights Foundation (DRF) has reported a 189 percent increase in cyber-harassment complaints registered with their helpline during Pakistan’s coronavirus lockdown. In this regard, the not-for-profit organisation issued a press release today (Wednesday). The press release said, “As

Coronavirus lockdown: 5,663 cases registered over Section 144 violation in Punjab

PUNJAB: As many as 5,663 cases have been registered against hoarders and profiteers in Punjab over the violation of Section 144 which was imposed to limit coronavirus spread in the province. According to a spokesperson for Punjab police, 153 cases