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US House approves Capitol riot probe by Trump’s supporters

WASHINGTON: The US House of Representatives voted to create an independent commission to probe the deadly January 6 attack on the Capitol by former President Donald Trump’s supporters, as one in six Republicans defied attempts to block it. Over the

Police officer killed in vehicle attack on US Capitol

WASHINGTON: A motorist rammed a car into US Capitol police on Friday, brandishing a knife and killing one officer and injuring another and forcing the Capitol complex to lockdown. Police shot and killed the suspect. Yogananda Pittman, acting chief of

US police warn of new plot to breach Capitol

WASHINGTON: US police said they have bolstered security in Washington after intelligence uncovered a possible plot to “breach the Capitol”, when some conspiracy-believing supporters of Donald Trump predict he will be inaugurated for another presidential term. The threat comes nearly

More than 150 charged over US Capitol rampage

WASHINGTON: More than 150 people have been charged with federal crimes so far over the January 6 rampage at the US Capitol by supporters of then president Donald Trump, the Justice Department said, Investigators have opened probes into more than

US Congress reconvenes to certify Biden win after mobs invade Capitol

WASHINGTON: Hundreds of President Donald Trump’s supporters stormed and occupied the US Capitol in a bid to overturn his election defeat and forcing Congress to suspend a session to certify President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. Police evacuated lawmakers and struggled for