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Meet Rabia Zulfiqar, one of the youngest Pakistanis to author book on practical dentistry

LAHORE: Pakistani girl and dental technologist Rabia Zulfiqar has written a book on practical dentistry, becoming on of the youngest Pakistani author on the subject. The book titled ‘Rabia’s Manual of Prosthodontics’ was published in 2017 and is launching its

Expect a spy thriller soon: Omar Shahid Hamid on his new novel

Omar Shahid Hamid’s writings have captivated readers across the country dealing with underground terror networks, corrupt politicians and militants. He is a serving officer of the police force for the past 17 years, working in Counter-Terrorism Department before taking a

Feminism is a personal choice: Bina Shah on identifying herself as a Feministani

Bina Shah is a writer, author and columnist who has established herself as one of the foremost feminist and cultural commentators in the country. She has written extensively about Pakistani culture, women’s rights and education for girls. Bina Shah is

American author urges PM Imran’s followers to buy original book

CHICAGO: American author and researcher Firas Al-Khateeb has warned readers to beware of a fake version of his book, Lost Islamic History, that misrepresented historical facts and had been circulating on the internet. In a message shared on social networking