Three children die after house roof collapses in Gujranwala

GUJRANWALA: In the city of Punjab three children of the same family have died after the roof of the house collapsed in Gujranwala. The roof of the house collapsed in the Charaghabad area of ​​Gujranwala, leaving two brothers and their

Christina Koch to return to earth after one year of space mission

ALMATY: U.S. astronaut Christina Koch is expected to return to Earth on Thursday, having broken the space flight record for female astronauts after spending nearly a year at the International Space Station. The 41-year-old Michigan research engineer broke the previous

Apple makes a big announcement after coronavirus infection

BEIJING: Apple on Saturday said it would shut down all of its web stores and corporate offices in mainland China before Feb 9, As concerns installed over the coronavirus infection, where death toll reached more than 304 by the virus.

Death toll by coronavirus rises to 132 as tourists leave China

BEIJING: Countries started to evacuate their residents from the hardest-hit Chinese city on Wednesday after an outbreak of a new virus that has killed 132 people and affected over 6,000 people on the mainland and worldwide. Four men with cough

After wheat and sugar, poultry crisis begins across country

KARACHI: The poultry industry mafia has hoarded their stocks and plans to create an artificial crisis in the coming days. According to the details, the poultry distributors have planned to create an artificial crisis of chicken and its products after

Turkey’s ban on Wikipedia lifted after court orders

ISTANBUL: Turkey has restored access to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia after a constitutional court ruled on Wednesday that the more than two-year suspension breached freedom of expression. Turkey has been the only country in the world apart from China to