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Society has unrealistic expectations from women: Urwa Hocane

LAHORE: Actress Urwa Hocane has expressed that society has unrealistic expectations from women.

The actress recently appeared in a talk show where she shared her stance on feminism. She explained how many words and labels are misconstrued in our society. Hocane pointed out how women need to change and stop seeking validation. “Just do what your heart tells you to do, cut yourself some slack, and be good to yourself,” she advised.

Speaking over the word ‘bold’, Urwa said, “People have unrealistic expectations from women. We are always fitting ourselves in boxes so we get that validation. I have friends who are not ‘bold’ at all, but even they have so many labels attached to them.”

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The celebrity went on to note that it’s not only the men who are labeling women and trying to put them into different boxes but sometimes it’s also the women who downplay other women and when I see that happening, it makes me sad,” continued Urwa.

She also maintained women are by nature, nurturers, “Nurturing should be a power, not a weakness,” the actress said. Urwa points out how the entertainment industry also aids in silencing women. “There needs to be a balance and that applies to everything. Just because there is something known as patience, doesn’t mean there’s no limit to it. If somebody is stabbing me with a knife I won’t be patient or kind, you draw a line.”

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