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Sign on off procedure for seafarers eliminated: Ali Zaidi

Precautionary steps taken against coronavirus at all ports: Ali Zaidi
KARACHI: Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Ali Haider Zaidi said that the seafarers joining international shipping lines have been eliminated.
In a tweet, Ali Haider Zaidi posted that the decision was made on the request of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs.
He wrote, “Sign on sign off procedure for seafarers joining international shipping lines has been eliminated.”

He further added that in this regard, the Ministry of Interior has issued the necessary directions to DGFIA accordingly.
Earlier, Zaidi claimed that he was expecting the flour crises in Karachi due to the mismanagement of the Sindh government.
He said, “The way Sindh Govt has mismanaged the flour issue, I expect flour crises in Karachi starting next week. Wrong policies, corrupt practices & no control on flour mills.”

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