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Scientists discover new dangerous hereditary disease

Scientists discovered a new dangerous hereditary disease

WASHINTON: Scientists have discovered a new and dangerous genetic disease that slows down the brain development of children.

According to research published in the American Journal of Human Genetics, a new genetic disease causes some children’s brains to grow abnormally fast, but it also stunts mental development.

The majority of people with a new genetic disease have difficulties in learning new ways of living, which hurts their quality of life. The disease is still unknown.

Research on the genetic and novel disease by its nature was conducted by an international team of researchers from different universities, including the universities of Copenhagen and Southampton. Researchers said that the cause of the disease is mutations in protein-coding genes.

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Researchers said that the discovery of a new disease is an important advance in medical science that will help doctors focus on helping patients and their families along with the guidance for pharma companies to develop treatments for the disease. It should be noted that no method has yet been discovered to prevent genetic diseases, but experts said that through screening, possible diseases can be detected before the birth of children, which will make it possible to prevent the disease.

According to experts, a gene called GRIA1 helps in the movement of electrical impulses within the brain, but its deficiency can hinder the brain’s ability to remember information. The ability to diagnose and discover new genetic causes of rare diseases is changing.

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