Punjab govt bans aitekaf, announces two-day complete lockdown

LAHORE: The Punjab Endowment Department has imposed a ban on aitekaf in mosques and shrines across the province while the Punjab Chief Minister announced a two-day complete lockdown in the capital on Friday.

The Punjab Endowment Department issued a notification banning aitekaf, stating that this step has been taken in view of the deteriorating situation of covid-19 in the province.

On the other hand, Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Bazdar announced a complete lockdown in the capital for two days after the increase in the rate of COVID-19 cases.

In his statement, the Punjab Chief Minister said that the positive rate of COVID-19 cases in Lahore has reached alarming levels, adding the number of positive cases and deaths of COVID-19 has also increased in other cities of Punjab.

“Necessary steps are being taken to assess the situation on a daily basis. The government’s main focus is on the protection of human lives,” he said.

“Every effort will be made to protect the citizens from the virus,” he said. The provincial cabinet has proposed a complete lockdown in cities with more positive cases, adding that there was no choice, the CM informed.

The Punjab Chief Minister said that “increasing the number of patients is also putting pressure on health professionals. Demonstrating responsibility will help prevent the spread of the disease”.

Usman Bazdar appealed to the citizens to wear masks to protect themselves and others from corona, maintain social distance, protect their lives and the lives of others by taking precautionary measures.