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Public Lands illegally occupied in Bani Gala

ISLAMABAD: With the formation of private housing societies in Bani Gala, public lands in the Malout area have occupied under the patronage of PTI leader, Aleem Khan.
According to sources, PTI senior Provincial Minister Aleem Khan’s Park View Society in Bani Gala is illegal.  Sources said in the Park View Society around 300 acres CDA environment land was allegedly occupied by Aleem Khan.
Lands in the Malout area adjacent to the Park View Society are being forcibly seized by land gabbers with the connivance of the local police and administration, sources added.
Sources alleged under the patronage of PTI leader, Aleem Khan some land grabbers, Malik Tahir, Mirza Naveed, Sabeel and Rashid are occupying lands in the area.
Sources informed fake FIRs are being registered against locals for land grabbing, adding that even high-ranking police officers have turned a blind eye to the occupation mafia due to their political influence.
Local owners of the land said occupation mafia constantly occupied their land in Malout area within the limits  Bani Gala police station. They demand the formation of a joint investigation team against PTI senior leader Aleem Khan.
Locals have appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to intervene immediately and take stern action against the officers involved in the illegal businesses.
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