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Protest being staged outside CBC office over lack of civic facilities

KARACHI: A protest is being staged outside the Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC) office against the lack of services and the collapse of the drainage system during recent rains.

Most of the residents are from Clifton, Block 8, and Defence. They have blocked the traffic on the road as well as on the route to Shaheen Complex.

A protester told MM News that residents of Defence pay the most taxes, and about 70 percent of the tax is generated from Karachi and still people are deprived of basic facilities.

The authorities from the CBC have reacted and started splashing water outside the board at the protesters gathered there also pelted pebbles to disperse them.

The protesters lamented how Karachi’s sole power supplier, the K-Electric, neither had answers nor faced accountability for cutting off electricity for three days straight.

According to one resident, even if they add one brick to their home, CBC immediately reports and asks them to pay a fine. However, he added that they have no access to electricity for over 59 hours but no action has been taken.

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