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Pre-monsoon rains: How to stay safe during the rainy season?


Pre-monsoon rains are starting in most cities of Pakistan today.

While citizens are hoping for an end to the heat since the onset of rains in the country, the PDMA has warned of urban flooding before the onset of rains in most cities of the country.

What precautions can citizens take?

The Meteorological Department has urged the citizens to take precautionary measures during the rains so that they can protect themselves from any major accident or damage.

According to the authorities, if you live in an area where there is a risk of urban flooding, then you should take these precautions in advance.

Safety at home

Officials say that first of all you should make your house safe, install the essential items of the house which are kept at the bottom, which will reduce the risk of those items getting wet in the water, especially all the electrical wiring. Fix it, if there is any defect in them, remove it.

All household items that are expensive and more likely to break down should be placed at a higher level or shifted to another floor of the house.

Save household items

Experts say that first of all you should make your home safe, install the essential items of the house which are kept at the bottom, which will reduce the risk of these items getting wet.

In particular, fix all electrical wiring, if there are any defects in them, remove them. All items in the house that are expensive and in danger of deteriorating, either keep them at a height or shift to another floor of the house.

Do not allow water to enter house

Experts say that if there is a drain in all the places of the house where water is standing, open it, it will make it easier for water to get out of the house. Make a safety fence to prevent water from entering the house.


If you feel that you cannot prevent rainwater from getting in the house in any way, then you should move all the household items from the area after moving them to a height. This is the safest way because standing water poses a risk to buildings and increases the risk of electric shocks.

How to get out of the house during the rain?

In areas where there is urban flooding, you must take these few precautions when going out of the house.

Keep a solid object in your hand. Usually, a stick used by the elderly is useful. It will also support you and make it easier to identify a pothole on the road.  In bad weather, always wear shoes that help protect your feet from the water.

Car or bike travel should be avoided during urban flooding as they usually get stuck in the water which will increase the difficulty but in bad weather one should try to move the vehicle to a safe place and stand under a shelter. Get up and wait for the weather to get better. Protect your luggage

Always carry a plastic bag that does not allow water to enter, and keep your valuables in the bag, such as laptops, mobile phones, money, and documents.

Don’t go out of the house unnecessarily

When it is raining heavily in the city and the lightning is flashing at the same time, you should avoid going out of the house unnecessarily and try to stay indoors as in such weather there may be an electric shock or a tree or someone and the pole can fall.

On the other hand, when water accumulates on the roads, no pit is estimated, due to which there is a risk of falling into the pit.



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