Police nab 124 people for violating ban on pillion riding

Complete ban on pillion riding across Sindh
KARACHI: Karachi police on Sunday registered 57 first information reports (FIRs) and apprehended 124 people for violating the ban on pillion riding.
Earlier, the Sindh home department had imposed a complete ban on pillion riding in the province citing misuse of permission given to female members.
The provincial home department had issued a notification in this regard. According to the notification, exemptions for the law enforcement personnel, women, children and elderly citizens have been withdrawn.
“In view of implementation issues in the field and misuse of permission for pillion riding allowing female members of the family, a strict ban/restriction on pillion riding is imposed without any exception, whatsoever,” reads the notification.
In this regard, Karachi police chief Ghulam Nabi Memon had directed the police personnel to ensure the strict implementation of the orders.
According to sources, police in the metropolis stopped and checked some 3,284 motorbikes. Police in the South Zone stopped and checked 1,103 motorbikes, while police in the East and West Zones checked 1,189 and 992 bikes respectively.
Among these motorbike riders, 124 were apprehended while 3,205 others were let off with a “strict warning”.
A spokesperson for the Karachi Traffic police said that 1,403 people riding motorbikes were fined during the day for different offences, including three police officers.
Giving a details of the fines, the spokesperson said that 45 people were fined for driving while under age, 342 people were fined for riding motorbikes without valid licenses and some 724 were fined for riding wrong side on one-way roads.
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