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Police fail to find evidence in college student’s rape case

KARACHI: The investigation in case of the alleged kidnapping and gang rape of a student in Gulshan-e-Hadeed took a new turn as no evidence of sexual abuse was found.

The family of the girl living had claimed that her daughter had been sexually abused. Police have arrested four suspects in the case and remanded them in custody. The prime suspect Sameer is a neighbour of the student while the other suspects have been identified as Samiullah, Adil and Fawad.

According to investigators, a CCTV video of the scene of the incident has been obtained from a nearby house. The footage shows no evidence of rape contrary to the victim’s family statement. The girl’s father has described the location but the CCTV footage remains to be found.

Police have obtained the location of the mobile phone of the victim and the suspects. The girl’s mobile phone location has been traced to her house. The family claimed that girl had left her phone at home. The investigation also found that the mobile phone locations of the all suspects including the prime accused are different and do not match the scene of the incident.

The officials further said that the victim has not given a statement to the police while doctors have not given the medical report. Police officials said they will gain evidence after the medical and DNA test report, CCTV footage and forensic reports from mobile phones.

Police further said that suspect’s sister and rape victim used to study in the same coaching center. The family of the student had alleged that the accused kidnapped the girl and subjected her to gang rape.

The victim’s family said the girl was missing for sixteen hours and was found unconscious. The girl had later revealed that he had been raped. The families of the suspect said they have been framed in case without any evidence and demanded that she should be released immediately.