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Pirzada lambastes wildlife officials for filing baseless cases

LAHORE: Pakistani musician and actor, Rabi Pirzada has criticized wildlife officials and accused them of filing baseless cases against her. She went on to call them Indian Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi’s friends.

Wildlife officials have filed litigation against Pakistani musician and actor, Rabi Pirzada for keeping wild animals without adequate papers. She responded to the accusations as baseless and went on to accuse the officials as Modi’s friends.

She clarified later that she used the term because “they launched a fake campaign against me for keeping exotic animals as pets”.

The singer stated that she has not received any notification from the wildlife officials, and they are leveling baseless accusations against her to fulfill their ‘friendship’ with Narendra Modi.

Moreover, the musician added that she is raising the voices of Kashmiri people everywhere as the incumbent government has failed to play its role in this regard.
Earlier, Punjab Wildlife Protection and Parks Department had said that Rabi Pirzada was likely to face two-year prison term over keeping exotic animals as pets at her salon in Lahore.

“Keeping exotic animals including alligators, pythons, snakes and other reptiles as pets a violation of the Wildlife Act. These animals fall in the Third Schedule of the Wildlife Act, and no one could be issued a license for keeping them as pets,” said Ashraf as he spoke to the reporters.

“[The] violator of the Act could face up to two-year imprisonment,” he added. 

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